In respons to Mary's comment on living quarters:

Our living quarters are a bit close but pretty comfortable. Berthing is
in staterooms that generally have two bunks, a small desk and cabinet
space for our personal gear.

Each stateroom is attached to a
head. Some rooms share a head; others have their own.

We eat in the galley. There are crew members who cook three
meals for us. Most meals have rice and beans plus a hot, main dish and
veggies. So far there has also been no shortage of cookies fresh from the
oven. Once we get on station and begin working 24/7 there will be a
midnight meal. That's really important when you are working 12 hour
shifts out in the cold.

There are also places to relax and socialize or to meet and talk science.
We have a lounge with TV + movies, computers, board games and a satellite
phone. A favorite place to escape is the bow. The engines are not very
loud up there and you can get fresh air while you enjoy the scenery. We
also have a bit of luxury- a sauna and a hot tub.

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