Hump day and hump site.

February 27, 2008

This morning we were greeted by a glorious sunrise over the mountains
and a smooth sediment trap deployment. Very soon after, we
left for station 3 of 5. We’ve just finished a survey of the area and are
about to deploy the CTD and camera. After that we’ll start coring.

The entire sediment trap mooring, with weights, floats, and acoustic
release, was laid out on deck for deployment.

Here is a shot of the actual trap. You can see the collection cups we
mentioned yesterday.

We all got an email about scheduling our travel home. With the end in
sight, many folks are starting to dream about what they most look forward
to when they get home. Some of the things folks miss most are:

1) Hugging my child (three of us left toddlers behind with family).
2) My dog.
3) Playing ultimate Frisbee in a big grassy field.
4) Taking a walk.
5) A hot bath and a glass of wine.
6) A salad that is not made of iceberg lettuce.
7) Sushi.
8) Trail running.
9) Green.

Position: 65 degrees 55.378 minutes South; 67 degrees 25.417 minutes West
Heading: 8.1 degrees
Speed over ground: 7.9 knots
Air temp. 2.8 degrees C; Water temp. 2.047 degrees C


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