And we're off

February 15, 2008
This morning we awoke underway. As I type, we are leaving the Straights
of Magellan and turning south. Since we are near land, the seas are quite
calm. Once we leave the shelter of Cape Horn and enter the Drake Passage,
the swell will grow, even if the weather is good.

Before lunch we had orientation. We heard about shipboard etiquette
(don't sit in the captains seat in the galley), donning survival suits and
how to e-mail home. We also sat in the lifeboats--definitely not a place
we want to end up! After lunch we had safety training for lab and deck
work. Now we are enjoying some free time. Some folks are setting up
instruments; some are napping; and some are outside watching the sea.

It takes a village to start a nutrient analyzer. Kim gets a little help
setting up the Lachat (maybe too much?).

Location: 53 degrees 1.645 minutes South, 67 degrees 33.382 minutes West
Speed over ground: 10 knots
Heading: 133.6 degrees


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