Feb. 21

We arrived on Station at 5:00 and surveyed the area. Then the fun began.
Finally some samples to sink our teeth into. It seems like it took a long
time to get to this point. It’s not been a perfect da; no 1st day in the
field ever is. The first megacore (collects tubes of mud from the
seafloor) bounced, but the second was a keeper. The box core did not
trigger on its first trip, but it is on its way down again. We’ve
had two successful CTD deployments.

Craig trouble shoots a problem with the box corer.

Everyone is busy processing samples. Alyssa is filtering seawater to
collect phytoplankton. Kim is gearing up the nutrient analyzer. Brian
and Rebecca are slicing a core for Thorium analyses, and Sarah and
Liz are preparing the Tucker trawl (for collecting plankton-esp. larvae).

Brian and Rebecca section a sediment core.

Sarah process samples in the aquarium room.

Position: 63 degrees 3.264 minutes South, 61 degrees 35.533 minutes West
Speed over ground: 0.7 knots
Heading: 323.0 degrees
Air temp. 4.0 degrees C; Water temp. 1.625 degrees C


  1. TerriKHNC said...
    I am anxious to learn the results of the CTD casts, and I would like to know what time zone you're in down there ;<)

    Hello to my friend Carrie!
    Tucker's Mommy said...
    Sounds like you guys are having a blast, eventhough you have to work. At least you get the best view in the world, from your office window. Please tell Carrie Thomas that Jennifer, Jamie and Tucker Schuler say hi. Tucker especially likes the fact that there's scientific equipment with his name (Tucker trawl). I like the website.

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