Responses to Tor and Mary

Thanks Tor- We're glad someone out there is paying attention.

We're not sure how many tourist ships come around Copa, we'll try to find out. There are several scientists who spend the entire summer at the station observing the colonies. Each watches over a different colony, recording information on behavior and reproduction, but they do not interfere with their day to day activities. Some of the scientist are permitted to mark nests and weigh and tag penuins. So yes, the penguins are used to a human presence. Because of the Antatctic treaty and because it's the right thing to do, we as visitors are not supposed to interfer with the penguins or alter their behaviors. Penguins are curious and social, so it is not entirely unusual for them to approach and check us out.


  1. Mat said...
    Hi wolfpack

    Looks like a fantastic trip! Wish I could be there.

    How do you manage waste? Are there specific 'environmentally-friendly' initiatives on board to reduce garbage?

    Also can you post pictures of the glacier behind Palmer Station? I'd love to be able to compare it later on with any other photos you might have from your other trips.

    Mat said...
    We have a crystal clear view of the lunar eclipse! Are you guys too far south to see it?


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