Shake, Rattle and Roll

February, 16
Well, the seas have picked up some but we are still having a pretty
pleasant crossing so far. The winds are only blowing about 8 knots, but
there is a slow steady swell that is rocking us side to side. Nobody is
sick but several folks are taking sea sickness medicine just in case.
Small items, such as cups and notepads, are starting to slide across
tables. The newest students aboard are starting to appreciate why things
needed to be tied down so carefully.

Craig holds Knot Tying 101. Can you tie a half hitch?

Today we worked more on lab set-up and started to finalize our plans for
sampling at each site. Of course, everything might change if the weather
does not cooperate. Fortunately we have a few hours built into the
schedule in case we get weathered out. Tonight a group of scientists who
are headed to Palmer Station are giving a slide show about their research.
They SCUBA dive to collect algae and invertebrate animals. They are
chemical ecologists studying similarities and differences in how protists
and animals compete for space and food.

We expect to make it to our first stop on Monday morning. We will be
picking up gear from Bellinghausen Station; it will be closing soon for
the winter. We are excited about seeing land again in a day and a half.

Location: 56 degrees 38.512 minutes South, 63 degrees 47.429 minutes West
Speed over ground: 10.1 knots
Heading: 153.9 degrees

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  1. MARY said...
    hi guys,
    Can we also see some photos of the living spaces? I'm curious what the galley is like, how big the sleeping quarters are, and what the showers are like. It's the back scenes to the science that keep you all nourished and rested, so it's am important part of the picture to me. Once you start sampling I know that you'll have no time to entertain us at home, so I thought I'd better request this now! good luck!

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