Migrating South

Well, we've just finished packing the last of the gear we'll be taking
along on the plane. Now we're all heading home to spend a few more hours
with our families before we fly south.

Over the next couple of days we will fly from Raleigh, NC to Punta Arenas,
Chile, where we will catch our ship, the R/V LM Gould (see pic). Once we
set sail, it will be about four days of steaming along the Straits of
Magellen and the Drake Passage before we reach Palmer Station on the
Antarctic Peninsula (Palmer Station is the picture next to the ship!).

Look for our next post on February 14th or so when we have email access
from the ship.


  1. Marie said...
    Best wishes for a safe and comfortable trip to your destination. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I miss you already,Alyssa!
    Colleen said...
    This is so exciting to be able to see what all of you are experiencing through your words and pictures. I know there will be many students with questions about your work. Thanks for bringing the "ice continent" a little closer to us.

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