Day 2 in Punta Arenas

Today was quite productive and enjoyable for the science crew. Most of us started the day with clothing issue, where we are all fitted for cold weather gear for use on the ship and on the continent of Antarctica. Extreme weather is common, so extreme clothing is needed as well. Most of it consists of the basics - long underwear and socks. Comfort is key when on a cold boat for weeks on end.

The morning also brought a rainbow, which was taken by all to be an omen of good fortune.

The rest of the day was spent loading the ship with equipment, repairing sampling equipment, and of course, a little shopping. Brian found some... interesting hats at a local market.

The only other news to report is a slight setback in our departure date due to a delayed shipment of our sediment traps. Friday at 10:00 AM is our new ETD.

We will continue to keep this update directly from Chile as long as we have good internet access. We move onto the ship tomorrow, so our wi-fi will be a little harder to come across, though we will continue to update this blog via email with an emissary at NCSU. Keep checking for updates!!


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