We’re coming home.

March 13, 2008

The visit to Palmer was fun. Dinner was Mexican food- enchiladas, nachos
and tacos- delicious! Then we enjoyed the science talk and a party. This
morning folks hiked out to Bonaparte Point in the fresh snow to see
elephant seals. They really stink. We left the station around 2:00 for
Punta Arenas.

Our posts will be less frequent now that the cruise is winding down.
We’ll check in and let you know how the transit across the Drake Passage
is going. Once we are back in our labs, we’ll also post occasionally as
we analyze our samples and get ready for the cruise in July.

Position: 64 degrees 23.908 minutes South; 62 degrees 09.080 minutes West
Heading: 042.2 degrees
Speed over ground: 12.4 knots
Air temp. 1.1 degrees C; Water temp. 0.875 degrees C


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