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March 5, 2008

Today we continue to sample at our station near the mouth of Marguerite
Bay. We’re making good time and hope to be done here either late tomorrow
or early on Friday. We’ll deploy the other particle trap and we are doing
more C-13 label experiments here, so our time on station is longer. As we
do certain tasks for the last time this trip, we are getting a bit punchy.
The last CTD drew a crowd in a hurry to get their samples out of the
bottles (pic). Even though we still need to return to the third station
to finish up coring, we are rapidly finishing all our trawls and
dissecting, too. The last benthic trawl turned up a devil’s purse with a
beautiful ray inside. In the picture you can clearly see its yolk sac and
the remnants of the “purse” off to the side.

After we finish here, we’ll cruise into Marguerite Bay to collect rocks
for a geologist in SC. The scenery should be gorgeous, and we are hoping
to see more wildlife.

Craig gets in on the dissection action.

Position: 68 degrees 08.477 minutes South; 71 degrees 00.894 minutes West
Heading: 000.4 degrees
Speed over ground: 1.4 knots
Air temp. 2.7 degrees C; Water temp. 0.687 degrees C


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