Wrapping up

March 6, 2008

We’ve just finished at our 5th station. The last two things we deployed
were the Tucker trawl and the sediment trap. The cod end on the Tucker
trawl was packed with phytoplankton. Satellite images of
chlorophyll concentrations in the area show why. The areas with the
reds and yellows represent the highest concentrations of chlorophyll on
the map. We are sitting right atop a late summer bloom.

We were also lucky to have a brief bit of clear skies at daybreak. Rhian
posed for the camera in front of the sunrise. Very shortly after we were
back to snow and rain showers.

Over night, we’ll be steaming to the first rock collection site. We need
to find areas that will accommodate a zodiac landing. We emailed the
British research station, Rothera, which is quite close by, for advice,
but they did not know of any good landings where we are hoping to sample.
Wish us luck.

Position: 68 degrees 07.509 minutes South; 71 degrees 12.229 minutes West
Heading: 057.8 degrees
Speed over ground: 0.0 knots
Air temp. 3.0 degrees C; Water temp. 0.670 degrees C


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