The Ideas of March

We have around 30 hours left in our trip. When we wake up tomorrow we
should be in sight of land again. The seas have been good to us again.
It’s not quite as nice as the ride down; there have been a few moments
we’ve had to use the hand rails in the hallways or wait for the roll to be
able to open doors.

We’ve had a busy crossing. Most of us are finishing up packing all our
lab equipment today. Tomorrow we clean. Quite a bit of mud and seawater
gets tracked into the lab, so a lot of scrubbing will be in order. It’s
not been all work. We’ve also had enough time for a double feature in the
lounge and for folks to cram in a novel before we are back to reality.

Everybody is looking forward to an end of the cruise dinner our first
night in Punta Arenas. Many of us fly out the next day; a few will stay a
day or two longer.

Position: 57 degrees 08.907 minutes South; 64 degrees 17.969 minutes West
Heading: 351.9 degrees
Speed over ground: 11.3 knots
Air temp. 6.6 degrees C; Water temp. 5.835 degrees C


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