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March 10, 2008

Last night’s transit was filled with 50 knot winds, heavy snow and ice
bergs. We arrived at the third station around breakfast time. While the
midnight shift waited for the okay to start sampling, they busied
themselves making snow samples (pic). Then very quickly, the last of the
front blew through and the day turned sunny and warm. The swell hasn’t
been as quick to leave us. The first two attempts at coring have been a
bust. The boxcore is on its way up now, and the wire tension on the pull
out looked promising. We are hoping the swell will die down as the
afternoon wears on. We have until dinner time tomorrow to finish
sampling. After that we have to leave to pick up gear from a camp and
make it to Palmer Station on the 12th.

Position: 65 degrees 59.068 minutes South; 67 degrees 17.096 minutes West
Heading: 264.1 degrees
Speed over ground: 2.2 knots
Air temp. 3.0 degrees C; Water temp. 1.649 degrees C


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