Peterman pick-up

March 12, 2008

Penguin in the snow.

Hey, where's my ride?

It started as a day only a penguin could love. We reached the Peterman
pick-up shortly before 6:00 a.m., and it was cold and pouring rain.
Fortunately for us, the rain turned to snow as we boarded the zodiacs. We
spent a couple of hours carrying gear from a small hut to the shoreline
and loading it onto the boats. The marine techs then ferried it back to
the ship. While we waited for the zodiacs to return for another load, we
were entertained by penguins, and then by a more gruesome glimpse of
nature. A leopard seal began hunting at the mouth of the small bay where
we had landed. It grabbed a penguin in the water and quickly skinned and
devoured it. Sea birds flocked to take bits of the leftovers for

Next stop is Palmer Station. We are looking forward to another chance to
stretch our legs. Dave, Carrie and Craig have been invited to give the
Science Wednesday talk this evening. After that, we expect to relax in
the lounge with a game of pool and perhaps some dancing.

The Peterman pick-up.

Position: 64 degrees 55.600 minutes South; 63 degrees 39.240 minutes West
Heading: 044.7 degrees
Speed over ground: 11.5 knots
Air temp. 0.9 degrees C; Water temp. 1.109 degrees C


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