We got them all.

March 11, 2008

We managed to get all of the outstanding sampling done at the third
station, despite the swell. Now folks are packing samples and gear.
Everything has to be inventoried and labeled with codes telling the Polar
Services Support staff whether it is to be shipped back to the US or
stored in a warehouse in Chile until our next cruise in July.

Some of us are still plugging away on experiments. Kim won’t be done with
the dreaded Lachat for about three more days. It’s difficult to express
her joy over this last bit of fun.

The flux and feeding experiments will run down to the wire. We hope to
have them finished shortly after we leave Palmer Station.

We are motoring north overnight to the “Peterman Pick-up.” Hopefully we
will all get some more personal time with the penguins after the work is
done. Then we’re off to Palmer.

Position: 66 degrees 02.409 minutes South; 66 degrees 05.199 minutes West
Heading: 049.0 degrees
Speed over ground: 10.6 knots
Air temp. 2.2 degrees C; Water temp. 1.543 degrees C


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