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March 1, 2008

The weather forecasters were right with their predictions. Yesterday
afternoon and last night were pretty sloppy. For a while the decks were
closed and no one was allowed outside. There was a movie marathon for
about 8 hours after folks ran out of busy work to do.

Early this morning the winds finally abated. Unfortunately, the swell has
not. It’s been another day of trawling, CTDs and camera tows. The CTD
today and flux experiments we started at previous stations have at least
given us water samples for oxygen titrations and nutrient analyses. While
water, plankton and animals are good, mud would be better.
We are all getting antsy waiting for coring to begin again. We’ve also
begun eyeing the calendar and realizing we do not have that much time left
to complete our sampling. It’s time for Mother Nature to cooperate again.

We determine oxygen concentrations in small volume water samples by
winkler titration.

Position: 66 degrees 59.297 minutes South; 69 degrees 43.439 minutes West
Heading: 20.6 degrees
Speed over ground: 2.1 knots
Air temp. 1.8 degrees C; Water temp. 1.268 degrees C


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