Wolfpack Antics

We are leaving the dock tomorrow, and most of our preparations have been made.  The box core is waiting patiently for it's first mud sample, and the Blake trawls (we have three.. apparently they lost a few on recent cruises) are chomping at the bit for collecting critters.  Soon my friends, soon.

As for personnel, we are all here and accounted for.  Many friendly familiar faces have arrived, and many festivities have ensued.  The locals have a beverage known as pisco, and it is enjoyed by most, if not all, of our group.  This is the fun stuff that we squeeze in when we aren't working.


We have moved onto the boat today, and, if all goes well, we will be departing on noon of the 10th.  During the transit, we will try to get some posts up of the lab spaces and the rest of the R/V N.B. Palmer.


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