Punta Arenas, Chile

3 Days before departure aboard N.B. Palmer

Destination: Antarctica

We had a great day of varied activities. Clothing issue, always fun, was this morning, and is probably the most important thing to be done before leaving. These clothes are the only thing between us and the elements. Get something that doesn't fit quite right, and it could be a mighty uncomfortable trip! So trying each piece on, changing it out for something better, and making sure to get extra gloves is key. There was even some time for a little modeling...

The weather was off and on. The sun rose beautifully clear at around 9 am. At 13:00 it started snowing pretty hard, and then at 13:30 the sun was shining again.  We got most of the gear from the last cruise loaded, and can spend tomorrow getting the labs setup.  The N.B. Palmer is a much bigger boat, and the labs are much roomier.  We'll try to get some photos of the space up as we go along...



  1. Jim said...
    So when all of you are dressed up for the cold, is it a Wolfpack in sheep's clothing?
    Anonymous said...
    Lys, Even though I am not jealous that you are freezing your buns off (although looking good in your winter wear...can i borrow that for my move north...haha) I am super jealous that 1. you are not in Oklahoma
    2. it looked like seafood on that plate

    anyways, hope everyone is having fun!!

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