We have arrived in Punta Arenas safe and sound, luggage in hand, and the ship in port. Most of us brought extra warm clothing, but I was personally surprised at how cold it is here at the southern tip of Chile. The temperature is probably a few degrees over freezing, but the wind is howling at times which just steals every ounce of body heat you have. Clothing issue is tomorrow, and I can't wait for the extra pile of clothes.

Until then, we had a great dinner tonight. I ordered a traditional Chilean dish that is only available on Sundays. We decided it is a dish for those who choose to only eat once a week... the plate was enormous!!

Both Ari and I ordered this, and neither of us was able to put more than a mere dent into it. Still, it does feel nice after a long, somewhat arduous journey halfway around the world - and with a frigid wind blowing around - to have a full belly of food to keep you steady.

Stay tuned for clothing issue, and loading and setup of the labs on the ship.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Ula-la! Im jealous of Brian's gigantic shellfish.. It is very interesting to see such enormous animals that grow in Chilean waters. Brian, have you tried the Picoroco (Chilean barnacle)? ALoha, angelo.

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