Station's done!

With a brief break in the  weather, we were able to complete all operations at station B.  This marked the completion of all of our planned stations and samples, with a whopping 48 hours of science time left in our cruise.  This is actually pretty remarkable, as weather delays and equipment failure are commonplace.  The early finish is a testament to the skill and professionalism of the science and technical staff here on the N.B.Palmer.  We rock!  Oh, and the spell of great weather helped out too. 

With the usual stations complete, we get to go home early, right?  Wrong!  Dave and Craig have ideas for a new station to sample along the northern end of the peninsula near the South Shetland Islands.  We are transiting there now to survey sites near King George Is.  The weather is marginal at best, with 30 knot winds and fairly heavy seas.  We may be able to expect some protection on the lee side of an island, but we won't know till we get there...


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