Day 1: The R/V NB Palmer

NBP departing dock with the LMG in background.

No news is good news. We had a very calm, ordered departure yesterday at
12:05. Lab spaces were prepped, gear strapped down, last minute shopping
and internet checking complete, and fingers and toes warm and accounted
for. Here's to having our poop in a pile!

Safety orientations were next, and we got to don life vests and exposure
suits (known as gumby suits) and strap ourselves into the lifeboat to make
sure that we are comfy doing this in an emergency. While our science is
performed in the safest manner possible, we have to do it very remote,
often harsh seas, and this kind of gear can save a life.

Right now, we are steaming south along the eastern tip of South America.
The seas a calm and, while most of us are a little drowsy from the light
rocky motion, everyone seems to be feeling fine. Seasickness can be pretty
miserable. Luckily there are medications that can help (sometimes).


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