Ice Ice Baby

Sea spray from the bow as ship pitches in heavy seas.

We have found a suitable site for station N, but the weather and seas are proving to be far too rough for sediment sampling.  Add to that the falling temperatures (-11*C and wind chill down to -32*C) and we have an icy situation on deck.  Seawater doesn't freeze until it reaches -1.85*C or so.  The back deck of the N.B. Palmer is heated, so no ice tends to form there.  Our sampling gear sitting on the deck - not heated.  So after taking a lot of water and sea spray, all of our equipment has approx. 2-3 inches of ice covering every crevice and cranny. 

  Boxcorer encased in ice.

  Unless weather improves, we may not be able to sample much here at our new station.  At least it's making for some pretty photos. 


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