February 26, 2008

The marine techs attach an acoustic pinger to the wire.

The sun is shining, the seas are calm and we can see the mountains again.
We’ve had a good day today. It finally feels like we are in the
groove. Coring is going well, and we’ve started two tracer experiments.
We’ve added the C-13 labeled phytoplankton to flux chambers. We’ll
monitor how the infaunal and microbial communities react to the additions.
It’s critical that we keep good records of all our experiments. We are
taking our record keeping high tech (for us old folks anyway). Andrew has
been busy transcribing notebooks and logs onto the computer so we can all
go home with electronic copies.

Rebecca checks on a flux chamber.

Craig is prepping a sediment trap and mooring. We’ll deploy one here at
Station B before we leave. It will be out an entire year before we
recover it. It has rotating cups, so one cup is in place under the funnel
collecting material for two and a half week and then another cup rotates
into place. Each cup is initially filled with a dense seawater-fixative
mix so that the trapped sediment does not degrade over the course of the

Position: 64 degrees 48.043 minutes South; 65 degrees 21.265 minutes West
Heading: 115.5 degrees
Speed over ground: 0.6 knots
Air temp. 2.3 degrees C; Water temp. 1.598 degrees C


  1. TerriKHNC said...
    Thanks for sharing the CTD data. Very interesting to see the measurements! I've shared your blog URL with students (who are classroom teachers in NC and VA) in our online oceanography course. I hope they'll have some good questions for you.

    Thanks also for the great photos. It's wonderful to keep up with what you're seeing, doing, and finding down there.

    Terri KH, Manteo, NC
    Paulo said...
    Hi guys on the Gould. I am following up your steps on the cruise and I wish I was there with you all! Hope the seas continue in a good mood and you have a very successful sampling cruise. Please send my best to Craig, Dave, Sarah, Karin, Angelo, Fabio and Liz. I know these folks very well!
    Paulo Sumida
    Chrystian said...
    shoutout to Alyssa! sounds like an awesome trip. Enjoy the "warm weather" while you have it... temps dropped to freezing again over here.
    say hi to argentina if you see her :-)
    I'll continue to read on...
    Lundie Spence, PhD., Director said...
    Carrie, Great pix of you on the ship. How many humpbacks are you all seeing?
    How transparent is the water? Say, if you have a student type Secchi disk, how deep would it go?

    Azaleas blooming in Charleston?
    Lundie Spence, COSEE SE

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